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Interpreting services offered:


I speak from a booth, translating the speech in real time.


I sit by the speaker, take notes of the speech and translate sections of 3-4 minutes.


I sit by the listener and translate the speech simultaneously, whispering into their ear.


I sit between two speakers and translate their conversation in both language directions, sentence by sentence.


To prepare my assignments I use:

Translation services offered:


I translate from or to English, Italian, Spanish French and German. Do you need a translation in other languages? My colleagues will be eager to help you. 


To guarantee maximum accuracy, all translations undergo a quality control to verify that content and form reflect the original. Upon request, I can proof-read texts translated by third parties.


Upon request, I offer a legalisation service for educational qualifications; birth, marriage and other kinds of certificates; notary deeds, etc.

My favourite CAT tools are: 



I love children. I teach English and Spanish as a second language to children from 4 to 12 years of age at Creating Connections, a language school which follows the Cambridge Primary Curriculum.


I teach English, Spanish and Italian in three steps:   language focus, communicative practice (dialogue and role-play) and lots of feedback.


I design and give tailor-made short courses built around the corporation’s goals and requirements: food and wine, tourism, business language, etc. 

I teach both in person and on: